Our Company

De BALI Cosmetics – We are moderate scale manufacturer of Handmade Natural Personal Care Products with factory in West Java and Head Office in Jakarta – Indonesia.

Our concept is to produce excellent Cosmetic Grade Personal Care Products that are manufactured using Traditional Methods with Personal Hand Craft Finishing and Natural Ingredients that are truly the Essence of Nature & Cultural Heritage of Indonesia.

Our current capacity may cover about 2,000 Pieces of Soaps & about 500 Kgs of Cream Products per day by using the skillful hands of our workers.


Our Vision & Mission :

“To be the Leading Manufacturer of Handmade Natural Personal Care Products that are formulated Truly from the Richness of Indonesian Nature and Cultural Heritage, bringing Indonesian Local Wisdom to the World.”

“To bring Blessings to Our Nation, Indonesia by creating Job Fields, working toward prosperity of our workers and supporting charity organizations to assist the needy. Producing High Quality Products and Excellent Service to our Customers & Partners.”


The 5 Core Values of Our Company:
– Honesty
– Trustworthy
– Professionalism
– Reliable Quality & Service
– Spirit of KAIZEN 改善 (Continuous Improvements)


Since the beginning of our Business in 2010, we focuses more to Export Market and we have been exporting our products to several countries by cooperating with our partners as Exclusive Sole Agent for each of their country and supporting them to grow together with us as a Family.

This is made possible due to our Flexible MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity) which is down to only 2 Master Boxes / Variant with Door to Door Air Freight Shipment (which we may help to arrange) so we may cooperate even with the Smallest & Individual Business Owners.


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