Transparent Soap

Savon de BALI Essential – 100% Coconut Oil Transparent Face & Body Soap

Indonesian Authentic Coconut

Indonesian Authentic Coconut

Why is COCONUT OIL the ONLY type of Oil you should use on your Skin?

The answer is FREE RADICALS.

Most commercial creams and lotions are predominantly water. As the water enters the skin, it expands the tissues, like filling a balloon with water, so that wrinkles fade away and the skin feels smoother. But this is only temporary. As soon as the water evaporates or is carried away by the blood stream, the dry, wrinkled skin returns. No matter how hard you try people will never be able to permanently cure dry, wrinkled skin with any commercial body lotion or body care products.

Coconut oil will absorb easily, keep the skin soft, and yet without feeling greasy. It is not like other oils used to soften rough, dry skin. It will help to reduce chronic skin inflammation within days and be soothing and healing to wounds, blood blisters, rashes, etc. It prevents destructive free-radical formation and provides protection against them. It can help to keep the skin from developing liver spots, and other blemishes caused by aging and over exposure to sunlight. It helps to keep connective tissues strong and supple so that the skin doesn’t sag and wrinkle. In some cases it might even restore damaged or diseased skin. The oil is absorbed into the skin and into the cell structure of the connective tissues, limiting the damage excessive sun exposure can cause.

Coconut oil will not only bring temporary relief to the skin, but it will aid in healing and repairing. It will have lasting benefits, unlike most oils. It can help bring back a youthful appearance. The coconut oil will aid in removing the outer layer of dead skin cells, making the skin smoother. The skin will become more evenly textured with a healthy “shine”. While doing this the coconut oil will penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin and strengthen the underlying tissues.

In the making of soaps, the soap does not have a tallow smell nor the smell of a vegetable oil. Instead, it has a nice fresh smell and yields a nice fluffy lather. Coconut oil is one of the most popular oils used in soap making.


Savon de BALI Essential – 100% Coconut Oil Transparent Face & Body Soap


Product Features for “Transparent Face & Body Soap” are as follow :
For Face & Body use.
– Made from 100% Coconut Oil Base.
– Net Weight when Packed : 100g / Pc. & 30g / Pc.
– It contains Bio Sulphur as Anti Acne and Moisture White Extract for Whitening.
– No Artificial Foam Booster, No Preservatives, Natural Colorant.
– With Essential Oil, makes it gentle on the Skin and have Smoother Smell.
– Safe & Tested to be Non Irritant for the Skin because it is made from Natural ingredients.

Coconut Oil had always been well known for its high moisturizing effect that is good and safe for Facial & Body use.
Enriched with Anti Acne, Whitening Extract & Essential Oil to give Smooth and Bright looking skin.

Comes in 6 different variants of Natural Extracts :

GREEN TEA – Rich of Antioxidant, prevent Early Aging.
BEE HONEY – Extra Moisturizer for Dry Skin.
COFFEE – Removes Impurities and Dark Spots, most suitable for Oily Skin.
PAPAYA – Extra Whitening for a Brighter Skin.
ALOE VERA – Regenerates skin cells for Healthy Skin.
LEMONGRASS – Anti Bacteria for Sensitive Skin.

How to use : Wash the hands with clean water, rub the soap till it foams. Apply on Face & Body then rinse. For Maximum effect use twice daily.


Various Colors & Variants – Net Weight when packed 100g





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